Large Diameter Consortium

The impetus of the R&D efforts undertaken in the early days of GrahamTek Singapore came from a Report submitted to the Bureau of Reclamation of the US Department of the of the Interior in September 2004.

The report was made by a consortium comprising the major reverse osmosis membrane manufacturers, namely:

  • FILMTEC, DOW Corporation (now renamed as DuPont)
  • Hydranautics
  • Toray Membrane America, Inc and
  • TriSep Corporation

The study collected inputs from various end users, engineering consultants, system suppliers and operators. The study was funded by the US Bureau of Reclamation.

The findings of the study showed that the next generation of the reverse osmosis membranes after the standard 8-inch diameter membranes would be the 16-inch diameter reverse osmosis membranes. 

It was in the light of this study that GrahamTek Singapore undertook the piloting and development of the 16-inch diameter reverse osmosis membranes.

GrahamTek was fortunate to find the PUB to be very supportive of its R&D efforts and provided its Bedok NEWater Factory as testing ground for the pilot demonstration plant.

The successful results of this R&D program led to the implementation of the 55 MLD 16-inch RO plant at the BEDOK NEWATER FACTORY.

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