GrahamTek’s R&D Team in 2007

GrahamTek Singapore had a prestigious R&D Team in 2007 that was headed by Prof Harvey Winters.

Professor Harvey Winters

Members of the GrahamTek R&D Team

  • Emeritus Professor Harvey Winters- Fairleigh Dickinson University. 
  • Emeritus Professor Tony Fane- University of New South Wales & NTU Singapore
  • Emeritus Professor Hans Coster- University of Sydney
  • Professor Greg Leslie- University of New South Wales
  • Professor Adrian Law- Nanyang Technological University
  • Associate Prof Chong Tzyy Haur, Nanyang Technological University
  • Professor How Yong Ng- National University of Singapore
  • Dr Zhang Yan Peng

The R&D Team researched various aspects of the 16-inch RO with regards to the effect of the flow distributor on the hydraulics of the flow moving through the 16-inch membrane element; the critical flux, bio-fouling potential and the effect of an electromotive force applied for the reduction of biofouling.

The research also examined the effect of micro-bubbles that are created by the spin of water as it passes through the flow distributor.  It has been postulated that micro-bubbles generated, have been known to provide a scouring effect on the membrane surface that disrupts the formation of the concentration polarization layer which prevents membrane fouling during operation.

Professor Harvey remains as an adviser and a specialist consultant to GrahamTek Nuwater Singapore Pte Ltd.

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